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SR10 Cockpit safety structure

Cockpit Safety Structure

Available now on SR3 XX and SR10

The Cockpit Safety Structure has been developed to improve occupant safety and maintain Radical's world renowned chassis handling attributes, and is available on Left Hand Drive, Centre Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive variants of SR3 XX and SR10.

Constructed from T45 high strength stainless steel alloy, its design maximises strength with minimal weight increase, and has been optimised to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Get in touch for more information about this and other features available in the Radical sportscars range.

2021 Radical SR3XX demonstrator

Radical SR3XX demonstrator - 1.5 RPE CHF 98'000


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For further information or bookings call +41 (0)76 425 5445 (Switzerland) or +33 (0)3 85 74 49 70 (France)

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